Our Covid-19 Plan

At PT Corner, your wellbeing is our priority. We’ve always prided ourselves on keeping our environments spotlessly clean, and we’ve never believed in packing people together on rows of equipment. 

Our functional training model makes the perfect approach for flexible and more importantly, SAFE training.

Existing Practices

1. Personal training is only ever carried out in groups of five, with one coach.

2. Every member has a minimum space allocation of 100 sq ft when training.

3. Each member has sole use of their equipment for each session.

4. Our Pod System creates natural training separation within the gym.

5. All equipment is cleaned and sanitised after each session.

6. We limit sessions to a strict 45 minutes to allow for 15 minutes of cleaning

7. We use an online booking system to guarantee your secured place on a session and this will also help to aid the NHS "track and trace" system.

New Initiatives

1.  On the 26th July we had a professional disinfection team come to clean and secure the gym floors and equipment. There will not be a corner that isn’t protected and sparkling!

2. We will thoroughly sanitise the entire space every week.

3. We’ve installed hand-sanitiser pumps on both of our gym floors as well as paper towels and extra hand sanitiser within easy access.

4. Every training station is positioned at least 2 metres apart.

5. Every PT Corner team member is fully briefed on correct practices.

6. We have implemented a "one-way system" with both an entrance and exit route.

7. Each of our "pods" will be colour coded and assigned to a member prior to the start of the session. So you will know exactly which is your personal pod with no hassle. 

8. We are running temperature checks on arrival to secure the safety of everybody in the building.

We Are Ready For You!

We want all of our clients to feel completely comfortable within our facility and your health and safety is our number 1 PRIORITY!

Let's get you back training!