Our New Home...

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded to a new facility and should be open on April 12th!


The New facility is located on Stable Lane in Burbage/Buxton. Up a short, quiet country lane you will be greeted by a big building, that's us! 2.5 x bigger than our previous unit, our new home allows for much more that we can offer going forward into 2021 and beyond!


Back in February 2020 we had become very busy and had put the plan

in motion to expand to a bigger space to allow us to work with

more clients. Though Covid put us in a difficult situation, thanks to the loyalty of our members, we were able to pull through and by January this year, we finally made the move

"What is to come?"

When we finally reopen it will be a special moment, because not only

will we be able to get back to doing what we love and helping to get our town residents in incredible shape! 

But we will be doing so in our new building.

Whilst nothing is finalized just yet, here are some of the things we plan to introduce at PT Corner...

The layout of the gym will be split into two parts, one area is our Small Group Personal Training station where we will train 1-4 clients, the other half will be for our Team Training sessions where we plan to have 6-8 clients.

In addition, we will also be introducing a shop, a cardio station, seating area with hot & cold drinks available.

We also have a small car-park in front of the building which can hold up to 7 Cars.

"Why should I choose PT Corner?"

If you have been to PT Corner before, then you are in for a real treat! Most of the sessions be will be making a return, but new equipment and plenty of space allow for a complete overhaul making our service and programs that much better!

If you have never worked with us before then now is the perfect time to change that!

With on-site parking, a peaceful atmosphere, friendly community, advanced programming, state of the art equipment, and experienced Personal Trainers to coach you, there has never been a better time than now to join our fitness family.

"How do I find you?"

UNIT 1, Stable Lane, Burbage


SK17 6UG

"Just opposite the turning for the Cat & fiddle"

"How do I join?"

Due to covid 19, we are currently closed. However, as per government guidelines we are currently set to reopen on April 12th, but we will opening on the 29th of March to welcome back our members for outdoor group sessions in our private carpark!

You can get an early bird discount of 15% off all of our membership options by reserving your spot TODAY!

Sound good?? Fill in your details below and let's get you started!