We are pleased to announce our reopening on Monday 27th July! 

Be MOTIVATED with like-minded people

There’s a strength in numbers. Bring a friend or sign up to join a small intimate group and get consistent and committed with your fitness goals.


Be with people who will push you to be a better you. It’s like a family here. Easy going, fun and real

What do our MEMBERS say about PT Corner?

It's time to "Take BACK Control"


You need as much second chances as you can give yourself; always.


At PT Corner we understand. The repeat cycle of failing to stay committed to your fitness or weight loss program could be frustrating. Even worse when it happens again and again.


You may end up in the dark corners of your mind, blaming yourself for not giving as much commitment as you should, and eventually -- most likely, unconsciously -- you decided to just forget it. Somehow you convinced yourself that you’ll never be fit.

 Tell you what . . . STOP IT.


We’re here to get you through the difficulty of starting out and staying committed. PT Corner is here to help you break free from that cycle. Our experienced trainers with diverse fitness abilities will train you, motivate you and push you to your limits so you can finally commit as you mean it!

So Are You Ready?

Let’s get you to the point of no return (on fitness failures). We’re in this together, you can do this.

Get to Know Us

You’re probably close to where we are. Drop by, come in and have a look for yourself!

Mon - Fri: 6am-11am

& 5:30pm-8:30pm
Sat: 8am-10am
Sun: Closed


UNIT 7C, Staden Lane


SK17 9RZ



CALL US: 01298 937759

EMAIL: ptcornerbuxton@gmail.com

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