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Welcome… from the minute you walk through the door, no matter what is happening in your life outside of here, PT Corner will be the place you feel welcomed with a big smile!

Safe… no more judging, staring, and feeling out of place. Everyone that comes to PT Corner has very similar goals to you.

Supported… by both the coaches and fellow members. We are all here to support, motivate and answer any questions you have no matter how small.

Family… you are not on this journey alone. All clients here at PT Corner have joined as they fit our client criteria. They will support, motivate, and encourage you as a group to make you feel part of the family.

Fun & Exciting… life gets a little samey from the usual commute to work to ordering the same thing on the menu. Well not at PT Corner, all sessions are planned to be fun, exciting, challenging, and results-driven. No session is ever the same.


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Co-founders and coaches, David & Callum opened up PTCorner in 2018.

With over 20 years of experience between them, they both pride themselves on providing the best quality service to their members.

In August 2022 they won The Best Health & Fitness Business in the East Midlands.

And in November 2022 they came runners-up in the Grand National Finals for England.

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Ricky - Coach
Ryan - Coach
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