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Personal Trainer in Buxton

Helping Busy Men & Women Over 30 Who Live in Buxton, Chapel-en-le-Firth and Whaley Bridge Areas Transform Their Body, Health & Improve Their Confidence

Voted the Best Health & Fitness Business
In Derbyshire (East Midlands) - 2022!


PT Corner is more than just a gym, more than just a session, more than just a workout.

Here at PT Corner, we ONLY work with Busy Men & Women over the age of 30. The reason for this is simple, WE GET IT!

We get what it is like to have to come home after a stressful day at work and have to cook for the whole family. We get that most days, you struggle to find the energy to do the things YOU want to do.
We get that you have let yourself go because you are now further down the list of important people in your family.

So what we do is simple, we share with you a few very simple habits that can help you lose as much as 1.5 stone in 30 days and lead to that Life Long Transformation without having to go on any crazy diet or spend hours in the gym.

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We offer fitness classes such as Bootcamp style, faster-paced cardio sessions, and tend to be larger groups, these are based around fat burning, and circuit training and aim to not only get you fit & healthy but ensure your heart health too!

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Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) is a weight-based training, programmed every 4 weeks and you get more 1-1 time with the coaches during sessions. Not only are you looking to lose weight, but shape your body, tone up, and feel mentally and physically stronger again. These are typically the sessions you wouldn’t do without a fitness coach there as people don’t have the knowledge to program a session/course to get results.

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